Re: write permission for rateup.exe - was: Getting MRTG to work

David J Taylor

David, Giuseppe, and other MRTGeroes,
the problem in my setup seems to be the write permission for rateup.exe,
which is unexplainable to me. I never experienced any problems with these
access rights on that machine (XP Pro).

The error messsages sent from MRTG / Rateup.exe indicate, though, that
rateup can't rename any *.png.tmp file to the corresponding ~.png file.
It seems to miss to delete the pevious ~png file first.
It writes new ~.tmp files, though.

When I rename a ~png.tmp file to, say, ~2.png, the content shows a correct
result, like a realistic strength value. So, apart from the rewriting function,
most other things look good so far.

I checked the permission properties. The files themselves are fully writable,
no restrictions

The folder(s), though, show a write-protect-box symbol filled with a pale
green square, not the 'v' check mark. I can clear that, but it reappears
immediately. As said, I have not experienced any other permission
restricitons on that machine.

Finally, MRTG somehow thinks it lives on a Win 2000 machine - that's what
the cfgmaker wrote into the mrtg-cfg header block. No idea why, no idea
what consequences this has upon the permission structure.

Thanks for any help.


My recent installs have been to C:\Tools\MRTG\, where C:\Tools\ was given "everyone" "full control" access when it was created. Obviously, the log-files directory might need similar treatment were it created elsewhere. Perhaps copy the log files somewhere else for the moment and re-create the log directory?

I've not looked at the version guess - I don' think it is anything other than descriptive text.

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