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Giuseppe Cico

On Fri, February 25, 2011 08:45, David J Taylor wrote:
David, it needn't be you to reply, maybe some of the other MRTG-ops can

You can use the loopback address ( or PC
name instead of the
numeric IP address:

Target[Alta-LAN]: 11:public@....0.1

Target[Alta-LAN]: 11:public@Alta

The loopback
address doesn't look as elegant, but is most likely to stay

The interface/network number (11) may vary if
you change the configuration
(e.g. add Wi-Fi dongle). Once the
configuration is set, I tend to reboot,
and run cfgmaker, to
see what the network numbers actually are.

Anyway, not the topic right now, but rather this: Here ist the top of
the DVB-related part of the
config file
generated by the cfgmaker routine:

Interface 131074 >> Descr: 'TechniSat-DVB-PC-TV-Star-PCI' | Name: ''

| Ip:
'' | Eth:
'00-d0-d7-0f-ee-a5' ###

Target[windbuedel_131074]: 131074:public@windbuedel:

you can solve the "131704"
problem using IP address as the reference for MRTG by
changing the line



Target[windbuedel_131074]: /

and then any of "windbuedel_131074" to
"windbuedel_DVB" or anything you want; it's just a name:

Target[windbuedel_DVB]: /
SetEnv[windbuedel_DVB]: MRTG_INT_IP=""



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