Re: Getting MRTG to work

Ulrich G. Kliegis

David, it needn't be you to reply, maybe some of the other MRTG-ops can direct me too.

I created a first basic configuration file today, and - since I don't intend to monitor the ethernet
traffic of that PC right now, commented-out all line that deal with the ethernet interface -
realizing that an IP address deliberately given by the DHCP-server may cause additional efforts
- or will the mrtg mechanism look up the address each time the PC is restarted?

Anyway, not the topic right now, but rather this: Here ist the top of the DVB-related part of the
config file generated by the cfgmaker routine:

### Interface 131074 >> Descr: 'TechniSat-DVB-PC-TV-Star-PCI' | Name: '' | Ip:
'' | Eth: '00-d0-d7-0f-ee-a5' ###

Target[windbuedel_131074]: 131074:public@windbuedel:
SetEnv[windbuedel_131074]: MRTG_INT_IP=""
MaxBytes[windbuedel_131074]: 12500000
Title[windbuedel_131074]: Traffic Analysis for 131074 -- WINDBUEDEL
PageTop[windbuedel_131074]: <h1>Traffic Analysis for 131074 -- WINDBUEDEL</h1> ...

windbuedel is the PC-name. I saw in your examples, David, that you use a nomenclature like
Target[windbuedel_dvb]. Is this preferable (except for readability)? And if so, where is the place
to tell mrtg that 131074 = dvb?

Sorry for my probably rather trivial questions, this is a new field for me. So, thanks in advance
for all helpful advice!


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Ulrich, my apologies in that with all the effort put into the PHP
pages, I have rather neglected the plain HTML pages, but I've now
added a couple of links which may make it easier to find the extended
MRTG information. Too many ideas, too little time!

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