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Alan Sewards

Ian and Geoffrey,
At this point I am out of ideas. Data is coming in on some channels, so the receiver chain is working as is the Tellicast software. If one channel is not producing data it can only be because the data is not being sent or something required locally is not set. I can't think of anything other than the PID and that has been checked.
I had not realized that successful reception of METOP had occurred - I can't see how with the number of misconfigurations of the received folders recently uncovered! But if that is the case it should suffice to go back to the settings in recv.ini and recv.channels.ini that worked now that the RAMdisk has been removed.

Best regards - Alan (signing off for tonight)

On 24/02/2011 10:00 PM, Ian Deans wrote:
Alan and Geoffrey,

To avoid too many mails and confusion ( too many cooks etc ) I have remained
away from this thread but it is worth mentioning that Geoffrey did get up
and running with Metop after sorting out the settings in Metop Manager.
However without a RAMDisk he was experiencing a number of lost chunks. It
is almost certain that the present loss of data is due to a misconfiguration
with the RAMdisk.


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After 20 mins.......... No data in EPS-10 other channels still receiving

Checked PID's as instructed. 510 is shown.

See below Eumetsats confirmation of what I should be able to receive.

Best regards............Geoffrey


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