Re: New to Metop

Ian Deans

Alan and Geoffrey,

To avoid too many mails and confusion ( too many cooks etc ) I have remained away from this thread but it is worth mentioning that Geoffrey did get up and running with Metop after sorting out the settings in Metop Manager. However without a RAMDisk he was experiencing a number of lost chunks. It is almost certain that the present loss of data is due to a misconfiguration with the RAMdisk.


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From: Geoffrey Gee
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 8:32 PM
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Subject: [MSG-1] New to Metop

After 20 mins.......... No data in EPS-10 other channels still receiving

Checked PID's as instructed. 510 is shown.

See below Eumetsats confirmation of what I should be able to receive.

Best regards............Geoffrey

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