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Good, we are making progress if you have data files arriving in Channels 1-4. That shows that data is arriving and being processed into the right channels, which means the receiver and Tellicast software are working. There are only two reasons I can see that prevent the [EPS-10] data from coming through: (1) that it has not been activated by Eumetcast, and (2) the PID is not set in Setup4PC. We will assume that Eumetcast have done their part (although I have known them telling me I was activated and I wasn't), leaving the Sky Star software. The only way that data can be coming in with some missing is if the PID in Sky Star for that data is not set. Right-click on the green orb in the tray and select Setup4PC. Click on Data Services. Uncheck the box in the PID List labelled Hexadecimal, and verify that 510 appears in the list. If it does not, type 510 in the box under Hexadecimal and click Insert, when it should appear in the list. Then OK and Close to leave. You can then try and see if data is coming in to the EPS-10 received folder, but be aware, the data does not come in continuously, there are gaps of a few minutes between data dumps, so if nothing happens, wait say ten minutes to be sure.
Regarding the recv.ini entry for the receiving folder: the # at the start of the line indicates that the line is to be treated as a comment and the line is ignored as an instruction. That means that the receiving folder is undefined but the fact that you are receiving Channels 1-4 means that the software has found a place for receiving and knows how to get there. If you want the folder defined, just remove the # at the beginning of the line.

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On 24/02/2011 7:18 PM, Geoffrey Gee wrote:


Thanks again......Files for Channels 1-4 show data
24/02/11................Nothing in file for EPS-10.................ramdisk
all removed.

Rec.ini shows..............#file_database_directory=receiving /tmp



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