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Alan Sewards

Thanks for that info. Now, (1) is any data coming through Channels 1-4? And (2), have you removed the RAMdrive that you were trying? If no to (1) and yes to (2), have you changed the file_database_directory in recv.ini to point to the receiving folder? (It would have been set up to point to the RAMdisk when you were using that.)
The received directory seems to be correctly set up and so is METOP, so we have to work back up the chain to find out where the data loss is occurring.

Best regards - Alan S

On 24/02/2011 5:49 PM, Geoffrey Gee wrote:

Sorry for delay in coming back but I had to go out this morning.

Apologies for my poor description of the situation. You are quite right the
second received file which I found is in the c root directory,just below
programmes,i.e....C:\received and in it are shown five folders for the
Channels 1 to 4 plus EPS-10.

My Metop set up shows for the received files

No data is coming through.

Best regards..............Geoffrey


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