Re: New to Metop

David J Taylor

The temp_directory is optional and will default to the specified
received directory, as is explained in the commented text that follows
the line. So it does not matter if it is undefined, although I use it
myself for the reason stated.

Best regards - Alan S

It may matter that it's not defined. As I understand it, large files will be built up in situ if the "tmp_directory" is not defined, and therefore programs which check for the presence of a file may see the file as being present, even though it is not yet complete. Attempting to process such a file may result in an incomplete or lost image. With "tmp_directory=temp" in the recv.ini file, new data will be built up in the "temp" directory, and only moved to the appropriate \received\ directory when it is complete.

My recommendation therefore is to include, a common line in the recv.ini such as:


(there will be other lines in the parameters section, of course).

By the way, much of the recv-channels.ini file is commented out - I have now taken to removing those comments to leave a clearer file, and one I find easier to understand. For example, this could be the entire file:




[EUMETSAT Data Channel 1]
target_directory=received\Data Channel 1

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 2]
target_directory=received\Data Channel 2

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 3]
target_directory=received\Data Channel 3




(I appreciate that you know this already, but others may not).

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