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For your infomation i installed the RAMdisc today the ARsoft and its somthing i should have done weeks ago, within the hour i had Metop running perfectly or at least i was receiving Metop images, i set the max rate it would allow 127Mb and added NOT changed the 2 components within the T systems folder, after an hour to be dareing i then activated data channel 2 and 3 and started MSG data managar, once again there was no problems at all, i was running Metop and MSG on the same PC without any issues.
The link that David sent regarding setting up the RAM disc i found was very easy to follow.

Hope this helps.
Many thanks.

Kind Regards.

That's good news, Eric. The ARSoft RAMdisk will set its maximum according to the memory in the PC, and while 127MB is just about enough in normal circumstances, you may want a little more should you add even more data, such as the MODIS-L1 data I mentioned earlier. One of the other free RAMdisk programs will allow you a little more choice in RAMdisk size.

I hope you will enjoy watching the world go by in the Metop Manager!

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