Getting MRTG to work

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Hi all,
while trying to install MRTG on my receiver PC, I got stuck a little. XP Pro,
receiving functions work flawlessly (at least to my standards...). I studied
both the MRTG homepage and Davids pages on the installation of MRTG. I
have come so far as having run sucessfully perl cfgmaker@<mycomp>, as
described in the mrtg page. I guess the reason why I did not find it as a file
is that I did not add the --output option, and some more. At least, the
structure of the cfg file appeared in the DOS-box.

Now, that is still something I can try out alone, but David touches a few
topics in his page that are more than one of my short steps apart from each
other. Adding some options '~...noo' - where? In the mrtg config-file? And
other addenda? Where should they go, is it irrelevant, where in the config
file they are added, and so on. MRTG for Dummies...

Long story cut short: Is there any detailed how-to cookbook guide around, or
even an exemplary sample cfg file and some more steps of how to get it
working first locally, then also publicly?

Thanks in advance for any helpful hint!


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