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Alan Sewards

Are you trying to run the RAMdisk or is this without the RAMdisk?
When you say 'it does not appear in the Business TVip..received', do you mean that the directory you specified does not appear or that the directory is there but that no data appears in the received folder? Note that putting a directory in recv-channels.ini does not automatically result in the directory being created - you have to create that yourself - its a pointer to a directory.

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On 23/02/2011 7:18 PM, Geoffrey Gee wrote:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, there was a mistake in the
received.ini file. No red T now but still no data for Metop the MSG data is
OK. when running on its own

One more problem. I have entered and checked the Metop entry in
recv.channels.ini exactly as in your instructions and it does not appear in
BusinessTV IP.....received. The other Data Channels are there.



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