Re: New to Metop

Alan Sewards

The pink T should come up even with none of the processing software running (such as MSG Data Manager, Metop Manager, AVHRR Manager.)
If it does not, you must have made a change to either recv.ini or channels.ini, or messed up the Sky Star settings (PIDs). Probably recv.ini as you have to modify that for the RAMdisk.

Best regards - Alan S

On 23/02/2011 4:45 PM, Geoffrey Gee wrote:

Just to keep you up to date. My attempt to install ARsoft Ram Disk has
caused so much trouble I have uninstalled it . Alan & David have mailed a
lot of information which I will try and digest.

As a matter of interest this attempt with Ram Disk has thoroughly up set
Technisat programme as I am left with a red T when trying to run Metop and
no data coming in. When I switch back to running MSG DM the pink T returns
and all runs correctly as it has done for years. There appears to be no
change in the received.ini or else where and the settings are as you


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