Re: New to Metop

David J Taylor

David and Geoffrey,
I don't think Geoffrey is taking as much data in as you on Feenix. I
take Met9, Metop A and N19, RSS and AVHRR and have never used more than
the 128 MB mentioned. Current value is 59 MB after a while of running.
I'm just telling him what works for me and the settings needed to
achieve that.

Best regards - Alan S
Some of the MODIS L1 data contains the largest files - checking yesterday there were files up to 82MB. As these are sent at the same time as other data, adding your 59MB to MODIS 82MB gets you into the region of my 153MB. It was quite a change in FSY size when the MODIS data was added to EUMETCast. As you say, you can get away with less if you're taking less data.

By the way, the MODIS-L1 1km resolution imagery contains more channels than the standard AVHRR data, allow you to play rather more, and is well worth a look:

I recall that you need to ask EUMETSAT to enable you for the data, and it comes in on channel 4.

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