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Alan Sewards

The best place to start is to Google 'QSOFT RAMdisk 5210' Which will return a lot of sites dealing with this software. The 5210 refers to the version which is the free one that I use. There is a version Enterprise or 5318 which requires a payment of about $10 via Paypal. I suggest you stay with the old (standard) version for now.

Useful links are:
Free version of software:
useful info:
More info on the Enterprise version and installation instructions:

After installing the software, you set it up by going into Device Manager and selecting RAMdisk, where you can set the Drive letter, drive size and other parameters (I use B:, 128MB, FAT and the defaults).

I hope I have given you enough information to get started with the RAMdisk. If you choose drive letter B:, don't forget to put this in recv.ini: file_database_directory=B:&#92;receiving in the [locations] section together with file_database_size=118000000 in the [parameters] section at the end.

Good luck - Alan S

On 22/02/2011 5:33 PM, Geoffrey Gee wrote:

Thank you for your mail. I will be very pleased to take up your offer on how
to install QSOFT.



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