Hi all.

I have been reading with interest all the posts regarding METOP,to be fair iv only just downloaded and had a go 2 or 3 times, on all occasions the problem iv had is when i check the log file in the telicast shell it reads " the date and time followed by a number then message lost (lost message)" in active channels the anouncement channel and ESP 10 are green and connected.
i do use the same PC for MSG data managar with great success, but i dont run the 2 at the same time, i have been switching off data channel 2 and 3 used for MSG, then activating ESP 10, as mentiond the channel is connecting but all i am getting is hours worth of lost messages, i have not gone down the route of using a RAM disc, but this is my next challenge.
please could i have any thoughts with the issue of constant lost messages when using METOP data channels.



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