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James Brown

In message <5E5D759AE4164FB3A805A6F459F7F6E7@NEWDELL>, Geoffrey Gee <geogee@...> writes

Our success did not last long. I received data for two half days with
missing chunks. As suggested by you I have set up a RAMdisk using Arnes
instructions in his article in GEO N0 6. The result I regret to say was that
I now get no Metop data.

Any suggestions please.

Hello Geoffrey,

Before Ian responds could I suggest that you indicate how you have implemented the ram drive - i.e. what letter you have assigned to it, and what size it is.

Then could you show how you have changed your recv.ini to point to the ram drive.

Also what did you put on the ram drive - was it just a tmp file - or did you add other directories?

Finally are there files building up in the ram drive - how full is it?

That will help Ian and others to assist.


James Brown

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