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no activities from German authorities DWD ( Deutscher
Wetterdienst )
yet. There are rumores they are going to ask for annual licence
as opposed to EUMETSAT News Bulletin Issue 10 chapter 6.
How about any fees in Uk and/or "overseas" ?

There are no license fees across Europe for amateur/educational use
of MSG
[Meteosat-8] data.
However, I am informed that some countries will charge a handling
fee for
dealing with the issuing of the licenses.

I have no details as to the countries who will charge a handling
fee nor how
much it will be.

The UK will not charge nor, I believe, will the Dutch KNMI.

I would say that the DWD service via Hot Bird-6 is a subscription
service and
not included in the MSG data.

John Tellick.

thanks for keeping care and beeing involved.

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