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Alan Sewards

In case you are still having problems, I have put together a brief sequence of steps to follow to add Metop to an already existing MSG receiving system. You will find it below, if it is unclear don't hesitate to ask for clarification.
Regarding your point about the computer, I don't think you need worry. My one-computer system is an old Sempron 3000 with 1GB RAM running Windows XP Pro and has been running with reboots and cleanouts for four years every day and night, except for short breaks. I receive MSG HRIT, FSD, and RSS to produce images for running with Animator, my main visual tool, run on another computer. I also run Metop Manager and AVHRR Manager on the same Sempron computer, to get the GAC, METOP and AVHRR imagery, which I manually select for special investigations. There is an 80 GB HD for programs and usual stuff, and a 500 GB HD for imagery. There is a 127 MB RAMdisk.


1. Arrange with EUMETSAT to receive the data (visit the portal)

2. I assume you already have reception of MSG-2 and are getting the HRIT/FSD data using a receiver setup with an aerial pointed at the satellite at 9 degrees East (Eurobird 9) on the channel 'Media Broadcast'. Verify that this is correct.

3. If not already set, add the PID 510 (decimal) in the Data Services.

4. Edit recv-channels.ini to receive the METOP data stream by adding as follows:
#METOP AVHRR data channel
#use the path and directory name you have chosen for this data, and #create the directory

5. Install METOP Manager. When it is installed, set it up:
Under Setup, select the tabs File Controls; Global EPS METOP Data; AVHRR, and fill in the boxes for 'Tellicast METOP AVHRR global received files path' using the 'Browse' button to find and click on the directory you created in step 4; and 'Combined files path' which you will need if you want to use HRPT Reader to look at combined files. Also fill in the box 'EPS Global Files path', which can be anywhere but is usually put in a separate directory called 'EPS-Global' in the Images tree where the MSG Image data is stored.

6. As soon as you edit recv-channels.ini and save it, the Tellicast software will start to put data in the received folder specified in 4 above as the target_directory. You can look at this folder with the Windows Explorer and can see the files accumulating. They will not start to disappear until step 5 above is completed and Metop Manager is running, when it will access the data accumulating in the received folder and process it, deleting it from the received folder as it does so.

Good luck!

Best regards - Alan S

On 17/02/2011 7:03 PM, Geoffrey Gee wrote:
Thanks again............ It has occurred to me that I may be tackling
this project in the wrong way. I had thought that I could trial Metop on
the same computer that I been running MSG DM etc before I had to
upgrade/replace it & register the programme. The existing computer is
not really man enough for the job although it is used for nothing else (
I have laptop for personal computing ). I had hoped to at least run a trial.

Dell Dimension 2400 Pentium 4 . 2 Gb Ram. 80 Gb hard drive whiich is
less than half used.

Am I wasting our time ?

Regards ..................Geofffrey

Alan Sewards
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