Red T (So what's New?)

Ken Barker

I am trying to install the EUMETcast files v5.5 onto a new PC. This is a job that I have done several times previously. I am installing onto XP SP3.
The EKU files are loaded and checked. The DVB files are loaded and Setup4PC is seeing Eurobird. The PCI TV2 card is installed and working according to Device Manager.

But I have a Red T. I uninstalled ZA with no effect. Windows firewall is off. I have not touched the default Recv settings.

I had a look at HTML Shell>Licence and found TELECAST Server Licence 'not yet received'.
I then ran ipconfig/all in case there is an IP problem but I am not sure of the correct parameters or how to change them.

Any help will be much appreciated
Thanks, Ken.

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