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Ian Deans


Your computer is probably somewhere between 2.00 and 3.00 GHz so it should
be OK although your HD will limit the amount of data that you can store.

However it is almost certain that you may need a RAMDisk to avoid losses
when receiving Metop . However without a RAMDisk you should get some data
although likely with missing chunks ( Metop equivalent of segments ). It
would be better first of all to make sure that some of the basic settings in
Metop Manager are correct especially given that your EPS-10 settings in
recv-channels.ini were changed.

So as mentioned in my previous mail check the received file path in Metop
Manager and also check that the data is not actually coming in, but is not
being processed ( check your received folder in Tellique ).

If all that appears ok then we need to set up a RAMdisk.


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From: Geoffrey Gee
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Subject: [MSG-1] New to Metop

Thanks again............ It has occurred to me that I may be tackling this
project in the wrong way. I had thought that I could trial Metop on the same
computer that I been running MSG DM etc before I had to upgrade/replace it &
register the programme. The existing computer is not really man enough for
the job although it is used for nothing else ( I have laptop for personal
computing ). I had hoped to at least run a trial.

Dell Dimension 2400 Pentium 4 . 2 Gb Ram. 80 Gb hard drive whiich is less
than half used.

Am I wasting our time ?

Regards ..................Geofffrey


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