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Ian Deans

Geoffrey, to help further we may need a basic idea of the system you are using. Keep in mind that many people require the use of a RAMDisk to receive Metop as each file totals about 28 Mb. However even without a RAMDisk I would expect some data to show in your MSG-1 folder under
Images / EPS Global.

It is also very important that your received file path in Metop Manager is correct and that would be worth checking keeping in mind that your settings were altered. It is advisable to use the browser button beside that setting to get the path correct. Also make sure that your received folder does not have a lot of unprocessed Metop files, which could happen if Metop Manager was not set up correctly.

There are a number of things we need to eliminate as possible problems, but I am sure we will resolve the issue and the global high rate data is well worth the effort.


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Thanks for suggestion I had alreay checked that . Regards.................Geoffrey

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