Re: GCP/EB9=XP61

Robert Denton

Hi James,
Thanks for that.
It's like pot luck, on re-boot it found the right one! At least now I know what is the problem. ThankYou.
Sorry I put = instead of - on the title but you knew what I meant.I'm using the skystar 2.6d pci card.
Best Wishes and thanks again

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Hi All,
I only use Eumetcast at weekends to save energy (and my electric bill)
but on boot up instead of saying "Media Broadcast" it says
"GCP/EB9=XP61" which I googled and found it's temporary free to air
channels. What I don't understand is why it's coming up on the same sat
and frequencies as Eumetcast. Any feedback appreciated, especially if
you know how to stop this happening.
Rob Denton.
Sorry to double post but just to clarify the TRANSPONDER you want is
11977 - the tuner frequency should be 1377 I believe with a symbol rate
of 27500

James Brown

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