Re: GCP/EB9=XP61

James Brown

In message <ij5nlf+p6us@...>, Rob Denton <rob@...> writes
Hi All,
I only use Eumetcast at weekends to save energy (and my electric bill) but on boot up instead of saying "Media Broadcast" it says "GCP/EB9=XP61" which I googled and found it's temporary free to air channels. What I don't understand is why it's coming up on the same sat and frequencies as Eumetcast. Any feedback appreciated, especially if you know how to stop this happening.
Rob Denton.
Hi Rob - looks like your tuner on the sky card has drifted - GCP/EB9=XP61 is marked as transmitting on 11938 whereas the channel you want for MEDIA BROADCAST is 11977

Need to re-tune a little I think,



James Brown

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