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Ian Deans


You will have seen a few mails discussing the recv-channel.ini settings with regard to use of capitals and I apologise if it has caused a little confusion.

You have four entries showing in your recv-channels.ini. and your first two for channels 1 and 4 have an error on the first line. [EUMETSAT DATA Channel 1] should be [EUMETSAT Data Channel 1] and the same applies for the Channel 4 setting. If the word "DATA" is all capitals you will not receive data.

Your first two entries should be exactly the same as your last two for channels 2 and 3 except of course for the channel numbers.

Hope that helps.


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Thank you for your advice. I have made the change and regretably I still have no hourly FSD.
I really do not know where I am going wrong.


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