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Your mail below came in about 30 seconds after I had sent mine! We must
have been typing at the same time.
Your explanation certainly covers the situation I found. But I find
this type of behaviour rather strange and illogical - how many steps up
the directory tree is it logical that the pointer would work? Do METOP
Mgr and AVHRR Mgr work in this way too or is the pointer for those
specific? I can see that you NEED this behaviour for MSG DM where the
pointer must include several sub directories (although I avoided this by
putting all channels 1,2,&3 into one \received folder). I guess you can
see that it wasn't 'documented well enough'! The problem now is that
after 7 years of evolution of the Eumetcast system and the software,
there is just so much documentation, each filled with 'gotcha's'. I read
the MSG DM documentation twice before writing my post.

Best regards - Alan S

Yes, I thought about simultaneous typing when I saw your comment!

The AVHRR Manager accepts:

\received\Data Channel 1

in accordance with some early and the most recent EUMETSAT default naming conventions.

The Metop Manager requires separate directories (as some of the file names might otherwise be confused).

The amount of data has grown very substantially over the years in which EUMETCast has been in operation, and what we could get away with in the early days is no longer recommended, or included in a default EUMETCast installation. Keeping up with the data streams is enough, keeping up with the documentation much more difficult!

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