Re: FSD Hourly

Alan Sewards

Hi David and Ian,
thanks for the comments, I take your point about the [EUMETCAST...] cases - these are part of a match. Can either of you comment also on the second point I made, about the multiple target directories and the one box in MSG DM? This is puzzling me!

Best regards - Alan S

On 11/02/2011 11:27 AM, David J Taylor wrote:
Hello Alan

I take your point re the target_directory line and you may be correct
that ( I must test that ) but the [ EUMETSAT DATA Channel 1] and
DATA Channel 4] are case sensitive and in both cases the word DATA
read "Data"

To double check I have just changed my [EUMETCAST Data Channel 2] to
[EUMETCAST DATA channel 2] and as expected the data flow stopped.

Thanks for testing that, Ian. I hope that I had advised using copy and
paste rather than guessed transcriptions! Don't forget that this program
also has a UNIX version, so best to be letter-perfect on names and cases.

Alan Sewards
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