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Hi all,
Ian, I had always understood that filenames in Windows and DOS were
case insensitive, so your explanation might not be correct.

I offer an alternative with a question. MSG DM only has one box for the
location of received files. Usually it points to the \T-Systems\Business
TV-IP\received folder, but if you have followed David's advice and used
separate received filenames for the four channels, how do you tell the
Manager of the four filenames? In my system, I used \received for
Channels 1, 2 and 3, and when I wanted to get Channel 4, I followed the
then current advice and called it\received\Channel 4. But I cannot find
anywhere where I have pointed the MSG DM to this folder. I have used
separate received folders for the METOP, AHVRR and RSS channels as the
data for these is handled by separate programs with separate Setup
boxes. I am successfully receiving the 1 hour data so somehow it is
finding its way into MSG DM!

Best regards - Alan S

I had hoped that this was documented well enough. If you have a recv-channels.ini file such as:

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 1]
target_directory=T:\Tools\TelliCast\received\Data Channel 1

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 2]
target_directory=T:\Tools\TelliCast\received\Data Channel 2

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 3]
target_directory=T:\Tools\TelliCast\received\Data Channel 3

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 4]
target_directory=T:\Tools\TelliCast\received\Data Channel 4



You can point the MSG Data Manager at:


and it will find the sub-directories shown. Please see the MSG Data Manager documentation for a full list of known sub-directories (and I'll also add that to the help for the next release).

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