Re: Hourly FSD

David J Taylor

I have checked with Eumetsat that I should be receiving these transmissions
but I am still only getting the 6 hr ones . Where have I gone wrong as I
can see nothing in "set up " that refers to this. and I am running the
latest versions of the programmes.



The hourly FSD is sent on a different data stream - "EUMETSAT Data Channel 4", so you will need to ensure that your recv-channels.ini includes that data as well as any other data you take. In the example below, the two lines including "Channel 4" were added to get the hourly FSD:

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 1]
target_directory=received\Data Channel 1

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 2]
target_directory=received\Data Channel 2

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 3]
target_directory=received\Data Channel 3

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 4]
target_directory=received\Data Channel 4

In the MSG Data Manager itself, you would need to visit: Setup, Channel Selection, FSD, and ensure that the "Hourly FSD" box is checked. I would also suggest checking the "Generic naming" box. In any case, the FSD should be three hourly, not six hourly.

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