Re: missing key - complete data stall :( - BUFR files


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If the GOME data is in BUFR format, perhaps Francis Breame's reader
(described in the GEO Quarterly) can help?

Some of the GOME stuff is in BUFR, and is to be found under the SAF directory produced by David's MSG Data Manager, with names like


However, the METOP level 1B files produced by Metop Manager in the GOME directory are apparently in some native format which I can't help with.

If anyone wants to try, my BUFRdisplay program is available on

In case anyone is interested, I am also working on a new experimental feature which will translate synop and upper-air in BUFR format into the traditional text (5-digit) format. This has needed quite a few changes, but I hope to have an initial version up within a couple of weeks, if not sooner, once I have finished testing.

Francis Breame

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