Re: missing key - complete data stall :(

R. Alblas

Ulrich G. Kliegis schreef:

Wouldn't the T tunr un-pink if there was a problem with the etoken?
There is just one 'source' changing the colour of the T: the message channel (PID nr. 100).
If no message channel comes in (because of no sat signal, or because of no receiver connected at all, or because of no PID 100 set) then colour is red.
If a message channel is received but not from Eumetcast then it is yellow.
If a message channel is received from Eumetcast then T is purple.
Etoken has nothing to do with that.

Today I got a question from a Eumetcast user "suffering" from yellow T. The cause: The wind did blow his disc to SKY at 13 east.
Etoken can not change the colour of your T, but the wind can...


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