Re: missing key - complete data stall :(

Ulrich G. Kliegis

An: <>
Von: "David J Taylor" <>
Datum: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 12:52:48 -0000
Betreff: Re: [MSG-1] missing key - complete data stall :(
Antwort an:

Sorry to hear about your problems. Suggestion, check that your eToken
is still working. It may be worth pulling it out and back in again -
you can do this "live", but if you are in any doubt, you can reboot.
David, thanks for the immediate reply. The pink T is pink, and the data are
streaming in 5 Mbit/s, according to the Tellicast monitor. Is this located
before or behind the Token Check? I checked my Eumetcast account some
weeks ago, and it looked good for two more years or so, just re-checked,
good through March 2013.

I powered the receiver completely down and restarted it after a few minutes,
no avail.

Wouldn't the T tunr un-pink if there was a problem with the etoken?

Oooops - I was out in the afternoon, and just see - it started working again
somewhen at around 4 p.m. UTC. So, another unsolved mystery remains in

Strange, very strange.

I'll report if any new phenomena emerge.

Thanks for your telepathetological assistance - the only rational
explanation... THEY read this list too, I guess... :)))


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