Re: missing key - complete data stall :(

David J Taylor

Last night at 22:50 UTC, all receptions on my receiver came to a grinding
halt. The recv.log file shows thousands of lines looking like these:

ERR:2011-02-06 10:49:35.997:Could not join channel "EUMETSAT Data
Channel 6": Missing key 55565.
ERR:2011-02-06 10:50:02.235:Could not join channel "EUMETSAT Data
Channel 5": Missing key 55594.
Yesterday, one of the HDDs had become full, after clearing a few GOME
folders (presently useless to me anyway due to not having a reader for them
yet...), the box was up and running again.

I have no faint idea of where to start looking for a solution - any helpful
hints? Thanks!

U. (seeing it rain outside also without sat assistance...)

Sorry to hear about your problems. Suggestion, check that your eToken is still working. It may be worth pulling it out and back in again - you can do this "live", but if you are in any doubt, you can reboot.

As to the GOME data, simply comment out [EPS-5] in your recv-channels.ini, or use the Auto-clean function in the MSG Data Manager to remove unprocessed files from the EUMETCast \received\ directory tree every so often (e.g. 24 hours), or schedule a nightly run of my TrimTree program.

If the GOME data is in BUFR format, perhaps Francis Breame's reader (described in the GEO Quarterly) can help?

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