Missing segments.

David Strickland <david@...>

Started front end computer 9/1/04. I have missing segments on most
HRIT channels, usually just segment 6 very occassionally 5 or 7
except for channel 12 which is usually 16,17 occassionally one or two
earlier or later. The missing segments only occur between about 0900
and 1300 sometimes a litle later sometimes a little earlier. There
are no missing segments at any other time. I am getting more and more
puzzled at what the cause could be. The front end computer is well
capable of the task (1.8Ghz Athalon and 512 memory)spends most of its
time well below 5%. The fact that it is mainly segment 6 that goes
missing must point to a non random event that has something to do
with the signal. Being in Cornwall with an 88cm dish means there is
good signal and there is only about 10 feet of cable between the
skystar card and the dish. If it was the computer not coping then why
would it be ok for the other 20 hours each day? If it was alignment
why only segment 6.


David Strickland

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