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According to Messages-regular reports:

13/01/04 09:00 End of decontamination nominal SEVIRI images resume.

I rest my case. But I'm still willing to be convinced that I am

Activities planned for week 02:
There will be an MSG-1 decontamination starting on the 06/01/04.
This procedure will have the following impact on SEVIRI imaging.
06/01/04 from 08:30 until 11:15 there will be no SEVIRI data
06/01/04 from 11:15 until 09/01/04 12:00 only VIS channels will
available with degraded quality.
09/01/04 from 12:00 until 09/01/04 13:15 no SEVIRI data available.
09/01/04 from 13:15 until 13/01/04 09:00 SEVIRI images available
with degraded quality
13/01/04 09:00 Nominal SEVIRI images resume

By the way, have you looked at the IR images? The desert regions
have a higher-than-correct temperature, and there is clear evidence
of inter detector line structure.

I, too, am grateful to have even these images back, though!


Yes I have noticed David, but also very interesting is the channel 9
animation of this where you can see the problem being slowly rectified.
I must say given what we saw during IR calibration many months ago I
expected more widespread problems.
.......... and the increased bandwidth for channel 3 seems to be paying real
dividends. All 15.00 UTC FSD just about in (GOES 10 completing) within an
hour, and dare I say it no problems with Meteosat 5 since the bandwidth
Excellent and thanks Eumetsat. (and David of course !)


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