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Douglas Deans <douglas@...>

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Sent: Friday, January 09, 2004 3:19 PM
Subject: [MSG-1] Decontamination?

According to Messages-regular reports:

13/01/04 09:00 End of decontamination nominal SEVIRI images resume.

I rest my case. But I'm still willing to be convinced that I am not

Yes that is the end of the entire decontamination process including the
recalibration period etc but if you look at the whole message :-

Activities planned for week 02:
There will be an MSG-1 decontamination starting on the 06/01/04. This
procedure will have the following impact on SEVIRI imaging.
06/01/04 from 08:30 until 11:15 there will be no SEVIRI data available.
06/01/04 from 11:15 until 09/01/04 12:00 only VIS channels will available
with degraded quality.
09/01/04 from 12:00 until 09/01/04 13:15 no SEVIRI data available.
09/01/04 from 13:15 until 13/01/04 09:00 SEVIRI images available with
degraded quality
13/01/04 09:00 Nominal SEVIRI images resume

The third last line indicates that from 13.15, 09.01.04 SEVIRI images
available with degraded quality. Two lines before that makes it clear that
from 06/01/04 (11.15) until 09/01/04 (12.00) only VIS available, and the 75
mins gap between the two, all off, in preparation for start of all data.
(Line references may be out depending on peoples line length settings)


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