Re: Technotrend TT-connect S-2400 USB box

Guillermo Marraco <guillermo.marraco@...>

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 7:22 AM, Roland Fechter
<> wrote:

I have heard that the above USB box allows, too, reception and operation of the Eumetsat data, using the original Eumetsat software v. 5.5. plus David`s software, eg MSG Data Manager.
My OS is Vista home.
Does anyone of you run the lot trouble-free with this USB box ?
If so, any special hints to observe & consider ?
Any hidden snags ?
That is a piece of garbage.

I tried lots of drivers, and even desperate ones as a Russian mixing
of different versions.

I had problems with all.

The web page of the manufacturers was one of the worst ever I said.

My advice: get other.


Guillermo Marraco
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