Re: Technotrend TT-connect S-2400 USB box

HarryArends.NL <h.arends@...>

Hi Roland,

I am not opperating MSG on a 24/7 basis but i am using the same box.
The only problem that could occour is installing the basic drivers of this

About a year ago when i dit the install i had to install and deinstall the
drivers several time before the worked fine.
During opperation i have no [problem with this unit.



From: [] On Behalf Of
Roland Fechter
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2010 12:23 PM
Subject: [MSG-1] Technotrend TT-connect S-2400 USB box

I have heard that the above USB box allows, too, reception and operation of
the Eumetsat data, using the original Eumetsat software v. 5.5. plus David`s
software, eg MSG Data Manager.
My OS is Vista home.
Does anyone of you run the lot trouble-free with this USB box ?
If so, any special hints to observe & consider ?
Any hidden snags ?
Thanks in advance.

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