Re: msg-1 reception with linux

Luca Bertagnolio <lucaberta@...>

--- In, "msg1photos" <msg1photos@y...> wrote:
Dear Luca
I have I have downloaded 8.0 version but I have
NEVER SEEN RedHat 8.2 distribution. Are you sure ??
can you give me the link from where to download RH 8.2 ??
my mistake probably, it must be RH 8. That PC is the only one I ever
installed RH on, since I normally use Debian, hence the confusion in
the RH version, apologize.

I have tryed to install LinuxTV 1.0.1 on RH 9.0 but it does not
compile due to a great number of compilation errors.............

what do you suggest to me ??
oh well, it really depends on your familiarity with recompiling Linux
kernels and loadable modules. If you are not too comfortable in
doing that, I am afraid this will be a pretty complicated job for you.

Make sure that the kernel you are running on your RH is the correct
version, and likewise for the gcc compiler. I did not have to
recompile the kernel when I did my tests.

thanks again
Bye, Luca

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