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OK Geoff,

Have not tried my script on Win7 myself so I am not sure my script will work.

Even if you point \received\ to your RAM disk you do not need a RAM disk guard script as long as MSG datamanager is running.
David's program will either process the raw data or copy it to your \images\ folder or delete it if you have not selected it under Channel Selection.
Just make sure your \Images\ folder is always on a hard disk.

But you may need to upgrade to the latest MDM version to include the ever growing number of products send over Eumetcast.
If your MDM is "out of date" new types of data will remain in your received folder, clogging up your received folder on RAM disk.


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Thanks to Ian and Arne for your comments. The tmp directory is on the
ramdisc. Whilst I agree that as I run a 2 PC setup, the arrangement is
not essential, I also use the RX PC for general PC stuff at the same
time, and have lost data as a consequence. Look forward to the scripts
from Arne. They will be very useful. One thing I didn't mention was that
I run Win7, which has been a steep learning curve, but got the hang of
it now.

The product navigator, has at the moment only got just over 200 files. I
did have it saved to the ram disc which meant it got lost when the PC
shut down. Now saving it to a hard drive..!!


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