Re: RAMdisk considerations


hello Geoff,

Good to hear you have success too.
Make sure that your tmp_directory in recv.ini also points to Z:
( I use tmp_directory=Z:\TMP )

When testing is complete I will upload a script that initiates the folders on RAMdisk after a reboot and guards your RAMdisk from overfilling when new products are added or processing halts for some reason.

Eumetsat product navigator can be started by opening
Note that activeX should not be blocked.
It may take some time (1 day ?) for all the www data to download completely. Currently my www folder holds 5.03 MB in 340 files

Arne van Belle

--- In, Geoff Morris <satgroups@...> wrote:

After reading the posts from Arne, I am now running a 700mb ramdisc,
(dataram). Its works very well, and my main SATA drive is now a lot
quieter, and less active. The ram disc has the RECEIVED and RECEIVING
folders on it. I take MSG-2 and 1.NOAA AVHRR CMA, METOP, GAC, and the
info channels. It runs at about 3/4 full normally. MSG Manager runs on a
separate PC via the wireless network. I would run wired, but the switch
generates too much interference at 50Mhz, which is a problem for my
amateur radio activity.

On a different tack, the Eumetsat product navigator has been downloaded
via I think the WWW channel. It doesn't seem to work. Individual pages
open in my web browser, but its not a joined up site, or I can't find
the main page. Wonder if its me or is there a problem with it.?


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