Re: RAMdisk considerations

Geoff Morris <satgroups@...>

After reading the posts from Arne, I am now running a 700mb ramdisc, (dataram). Its works very well, and my main SATA drive is now a lot quieter, and less active. The ram disc has the RECEIVED and RECEIVING folders on it. I take MSG-2 and 1.NOAA AVHRR CMA, METOP, GAC, and the info channels. It runs at about 3/4 full normally. MSG Manager runs on a separate PC via the wireless network. I would run wired, but the switch generates too much interference at 50Mhz, which is a problem for my amateur radio activity.

On a different tack, the Eumetsat product navigator has been downloaded via I think the WWW channel. It doesn't seem to work. Individual pages open in my web browser, but its not a joined up site, or I can't find the main page. Wonder if its me or is there a problem with it.?


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