Re: Eumetcast update - you may want to restart your Tellique client software

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

David, following our various direct mail chats yesterday, it does
seem an awful coincidence that the 6th was the day that my disasters
All continues to go well so far with the new software.
The above advice is not implying that there is benefit in deleting
the .fsy files every night.....small batch file ?


The bandwidth on Data Channel 3 was increased as well, so there may
be a greater net flow of data into your PC for the Tellique client
to sort out. Unfortunately my own graphs only show net traffic, and
not per channel.

Yes I realised after I wrote the advice that there was perhaps
a "delete regularly" implication, which wasn't really intended.

It seems that: if you don't have a high error rate, the .FSY will
stay as a single file, and something round up to 50MB is OK. If
lots of fragments start to get cached (and the expiration time
before was 7 days), and the FYS files approach 100 + 100 + 50MB
(i.e. three files), then there is a chance that accessing these
files may cause a timeout in the Tellique software perhaps resulting
in missing segments. Reducing the expiration time should reduce the
amount of caching.

I back Arne van Belle's recommendation to delete any .FSY files
prior to starting the Tellique client. Doing this as part of the
shutdown process would be ideal!

In addition, if you get a bad segment spell, due to high wind or
whatever, and the .FSY file is more than 50MB or there is more than
one file, restart the Tellique client as described.


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