Re: msg-1 reception with linux

Luca Bertagnolio <lucaberta@...>


a few months ago I did successful tests under Linux, running Tellique
with a WinTV Nova DVB card, and the sharing the "received" directory
under Samba, so I could decode the files with David's software.

I sure can help you in your tests, but bear in mind that I am not
sure about how the Linux version of Tellique supports the eToken Pro
USB token. So this all might be a temporary solution, but it's
definitely worth trying.

In order to set up the DVB data reception, you have to follow the
instructions found on

The LinuxTV 1.0.1 driver supports the SkyStar2 PCI card, but not the
USB version. Please read all the docs included with the driver and
load the different modules in order to have Linux recognize the card.

You might not need to recompile the kernel, I didn't have to under
RedHat 8.2 at least. You will need a few modules for the LinuxTV
driver, all is well documented in the driver docs.

After that, I will share with you the tricks I had to do in order to
have Tellique work properly under Linux. But I will need to reboot
the PC to browse my config files, so I will do it another time.

Meanwhile, let me know when you'll be OK with the LinuxTV driver.

Best regards,

Luca Bertagnolio
Brussels, Belgium

--- In MSG-1@..., "msg1photos" <msg1photos@y...> wrote:
hi all
I am a linux entusiast so I decided to make a linux based
receiving station. I have got tellique software from eumetsat
(linux version, obviously) and I have installed it on my
red hat 9.0 workstation.
the problem is that I have not found instructions and documentation
about linux version of software.
for example I don't know if I have to recompile the kernel or
if there is a loadable module for it, I dont't know how to configure
it, and so on ..........................

Is there someone that has a working linux system ???
Can you give me a link of a site that describes all steps
to configure correctly the system ??

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