Re: Problems with SkyStar card

John Parkins <john@...>

Hello Trevor,

As the other guys have said please don't let me put you off, the
results are well worth it. If they weren't why would you think I'm
messing about with it so much.

As a case in point I put the card back into it's working computer over
3 hours ago and, of course, it hasn't missed a beat since, it's working
perfectly. Moreover I had to take the fan off to get it back in it's
original slot so bang goes the "it's getting too hot" theory.

I also haven't seen any recent missing segments so it looks like the
new server software is working after all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003, 2:20:54 PM, you wrote:

TD> Hi

TD> I have a card but have not fitted it yet as I am waiting
TD> until all the problems have been solved and the bird is stable
TD> along with the soft ware. All I want to do is plug it in, install
TD> soft ware and go. I admire those who are into the development and
TD> tuning but it is not for me.

TD> Trevor

Best regards,
John mailto:kvp@...

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