Re: Tellique and the newer Intel & AMD processors

fvalk <fvalk@...>

I had read the hyperthreading note as well and had it initially disabled.
However once my new PC had become stable I decided to activate it again. Over a
period of about 3 weeks now I didn't get a single disruption, alarm or
unexplained lost segment. So it may not be officially supported (tested?) but
it certainly does work in my system.
On 64 bit CPU I can not tell you.



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I note from the release notes that the Tellique software does not
work with the Hyperthreading feature of newer processors enabled.
Indeed, I turned that feature off in the BIOS on my latest PC. Has
anyone tried the software with Hyperthreading enabled? (Recent
Pentium 4 processors have this "HT" feature.)

Looking ahead, has anyone tested with the AMD 64-bit processors?
These are now on sale and being offered to new PC purchasers. I
would hate to think of someone spending a large amount of money only
to find the software didn't work!


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