Re: Tellique and the newer Intel & AMD processors

Guy Martin <agm@...>

Most software isn't written to make use of hyperthreading and as you pointed out some actually fails. In fact most software can't make use of multi-processing. We are (work this is) replacing 100 clients in the summer. 64 bit is an option, if anyone has one let we know what it does, or more importantly doesn't.

Cheers, Guy

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From: David Taylor
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 2:15 PM
Subject: [MSG-1] Tellique and the newer Intel & AMD processors


I note from the release notes that the Tellique software does not
work with the Hyperthreading feature of newer processors enabled.
Indeed, I turned that feature off in the BIOS on my latest PC. Has
anyone tried the software with Hyperthreading enabled? (Recent
Pentium 4 processors have this "HT" feature.)

Looking ahead, has anyone tested with the AMD 64-bit processors?
These are now on sale and being offered to new PC purchasers. I
would hate to think of someone spending a large amount of money only
to find the software didn't work!


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