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I have a card but have not fitted it yet as I am waiting until all the
problems have been solved and the bird is stable along with the soft ware.
All I want to do is plug it in, install soft ware and go. I admire those who
are into the development and tuning but it is not for me.


Don't be put off Trevor. The majority of people , including myself, just
stuck in the card, read the instructions from Tellique and have never had
the slightest problem.
I have used it, initially, in a one computer set-up, soon followed by the
recommended 2 arrangement without any problems.
Of course we have to learn about the programs and associated software but as
every computer and set-up is unique I think that is unavoidable,
particularly considering both the quantity and size of data.
...and of course we are all here to help as we have been helped in the past.


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