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Alan Sewards <alan.sewards@...>

Hi folks,
Just another personal view.....
I use Windows XP SP1 on a single machine setup and it works very well,
coping with the SkyStar card, the tellique software, MSG DM and MSG
Animator. I don't use this machine for anything else. Dave is right in that
XP has a tendency to mess up the network - I think I've fixed that by
assigning manual IP addresses, but it still tries occasionally to
reconfigure the network hardware (SkyStar card and LAN) via the network
bridge, and has to be sorted out. My machine was inexpensive, costing less
than 500 Euros (2400+XP Athlon and SV266A mobo). I have never used Windows
2000 so cannot comment on that system, but I just wanted to point our that
many of us have had at least acceptable results using garden-variety XP,
easily available!

Best regards and good luck with your system - Alan

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as a personal view I would not use XP, especially for the 'receiver' PC

Whenever I require a stable machine I use Win2k (and in fact I have
upgraded a number of machines from XP to W2k ! )

I'm certain XP is an improvement, but there are times when it seems to
be/get "too clever". In particular, with respect to the MSG capture
application, at a whim it will apparently re-number interfaces and IP
addresses (so you appear to 'loose' the Technisat card); also with the
increased OS complexity (i) there is a bigger OS overhead, and (ii) it seems
more prone to go off to perform OS or housekeeping tasks (or even go and
pick bluebells?) with consequent impact on receive performance.
Dave M

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