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as a personal view I would not use XP, especially for the 'receiver' PC

Whenever I require a stable machine I use Win2k (and in fact I have upgraded a number of machines from XP to W2k ! )

I'm certain XP is an improvement, but there are times when it seems to be/get "too clever". In particular, with respect to the MSG capture application, at a whim it will apparently re-number interfaces and IP addresses (so you appear to 'loose' the Technisat card); also with the increased OS complexity (i) there is a bigger OS overhead, and (ii) it seems more prone to go off to perform OS or housekeeping tasks (or even go and pick bluebells?) with consequent impact on receive performance.

So, for time critical reception, especially in the absence of any return channel to request a retransmission or any other ability to 'fill a hole' I would suggest that you are likely to see better results using W2k (or even NT4) on the receiver PC. For the 'processing' PC (David' MSG Data Manager / animator / GSS4) then those tasks can 'give' or yield more easily, and are more accomodating of the OS and/or other applications. Also, since you are usually sharing the receive directory 'outward' on the receiver PC, it is more critical that its network configuration stays unchanged.

One other issue which has caught some of the earlier triallists relates to disc storage, as MSG generates "humungous" amounts of data - and there is only very coarse filtration available through the PIDs in the Tellique software. Otherwise, you have to take it all and then let David ditch the channels you don't need - but that only happens once it has (almost) all been captured and transferred to the processing PC. With older disc formats there are constraints on the number of files per directory, so you are very highly recommended to format the disc as 'NTFS' rather than FAT. Also, there will almost inevitably come a time when an un-attended operation fails - perhaps due to the two PCs dropping the link for whatever reason. Files will quickly stack up on the receiver PC and can fill the disc ...... therefore if you are making a fresh install, you might consider making two volumes - one for the OS and program, and a distinct logical volume to hold the Receive directory where the Tellique client writes the raw data prior to it being collected by MSGDM - that way, if the data does over-fill, it won't run the risk of affecting the OS/program area

Dave M

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The XP book makes it seem so simple. What with your advice, along with David
and Guy's, I will hang on until I get the Tellique software. Might get back to
you later. I'll leave David alone, he always seems so busy!
Many thanks,

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