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Given the ability of the HRV scanner to look at two different
windows during its scan - with separate east-west starting points
for the upper and lower segments - how would you like to see the
scan managed?

- tracking the sun
- fixed on zero degrees longitude
- fixed on Europe and Africa
- any other ideas?

I certainly think Europe is priority No.1. Low sun (early and late) is
excellent for cloud topography etc. so a 6 hour bit in the middle of the day
really is not good enough. One difficulty is the judgement of how the
northern hemisphere will look (in visible) during the winter months although
the appearance of the southern hemisphere over our summer has given some
Permanent Europe with the lower segment following the sun ? That would
ensure visible images for tropical cyclones in the Madagascar area and of
course the formation of tropical depressions/storms/hurricanes in the


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